Cities for all

“The Equity in Development of India Cities would largely rely on the resources allocation and ingenuity of Urban Poor. This would lead to the most sustainable urban development models for the global cities to follow.”
  Somesh Kumar, Director METROPOLIS World Congress, Hyderabad 2014

The City of Hyderabad, host city of the 11th World Congress of METROPOLIS, presents the virtues of a democratic city – A City for All. It’s rich culture, tradition, social equity, economic prosperity and demographic dividend makes it a reference among the future cities.

The vast experience, learning and challenges of the host city and urban India provides an excellent opportunity for the 11th World Congress of METROPOLIS to gather, engage, debate and share the global dialogue on urbanization with stakeholders of the cities around the world. 

The host city, Hyderabad, extends the ‘living city experiences’ to delegates and participants of the World Congress and invites all city stakeholders, mayors, decision makers, practitioners, from leadership to academics to women & youth groups to join the debate and enrich the dialogue of ‘Cities for All’ for the benefit of all inhabitants of the cities around the world. 

Cities for All - represents the functioning of the Democracy for all its stakeholders and planning for the future generations and so do the following subthemes related to build a City for All.

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Urban Equity

(must focus on) Urban Poor and Social Inclusion


(is about) Citizen Participation and Engagements

Urban Financing

(must redefine through) Local Finance

Urban India

(the largest) Democracy at Work*